Work full-time on your great idea,
starting now

The on-deck program supports engineer founders with great ideas, by investing 1 million yen to give you 100 days to concentrate full on your idea.

For engineer founders by engineer investors.

You’ve got the idea, now make it real!

The on-deck program is designed to give you the financial support and freedom to concentrate fully on developing your idea. We give you space to clear the distraction of every-day life away, and agree on realistic and reachable goals in the short term.


Support you with the boring stuff

There is a lot more to building a successful business than building a great product, and in the early days the other stuff is distracting, time consuming, and intimidating. That's where we come in. Finance, sales and marketing, business introductions, lawyers, tax advice. You name it, we got it covered for you.


The perfect launchpad for your idea

We're engineers, we're ex-founders, and now we're envious because we didn't have this on-deck program when we started up. We designed this program with hindsight very much in mind, because we know that it takes a great idea to make a great business, but in the early days it's hard to get started.


We're looking at you

Great Idea

You've got a great idea, that is keeping you awake at night. It's the first thing you think of each day, and the last thing in your mind when you sleep.

Need Support

You know you can make your idea real, but the gap and risk of taking a leap of faith in your current situation is too risky. You're looking for a way to jump in with both feet, but need support.

You're Ready

You know that the time is now, and don't wait another minute, let alone months or years. You want to find a way to quit your job and begin hacking on your idea full time. Starting now!

How it works

How to apply

We made a simple three step process for you to apply to the on-deck program.

Step 1 - Apply to the On Deck Program

Click the Apply now button and submit out the application form.

Step 2 - Meeting and discussion

If accepted, we will arrange a meeting either online or face-to-face.

Step 3 - Get accepted

We aim to respond within 2 weeks whether you are accepted or not. Once accepted we will arrange another meeting and begin the program.