What we believe

MIRAISE (pronounced mee-raise) is a Seed VC focused on engineer founders. We are interested in innovative tech solutions that came from engineers, rather than technology itself.

Many of the biggest companies in the world were started by young engineers, yet most investors are sometimes not bold enough to back them. MIRAISE is uniquely positioned to change this in (from) Japan with the deep technical experience of engineering and operational experience.

MIRAISE four values

  • Focused on engineer founders
  • Support by engineer investors
  • Peer learning foundation “4C” - All MIRIASE founders join the online community “4C” to learn each other and from experienced mentors.
  • Global access

We are all software engineers (I still write a code for myself). We believe in solutions by engineers. If you come up with some crazy ideas, start working on that today. Your crazy ideas will transform the world to a better place.

We are looking forward to being a part of your game-changing project.

Shin Iwata
Partner & CEO